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Whom do we help

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  Whom do we help?

Variety Israel is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the wellbeing of children up to the age of 18, who have special needs (blindness, deafness, Down's syndrome, autism, cerebral palsy, and more). Variety takes care of children who fail to meet the criteria of various other organizations and do not have anyone to turn to. In addition, Variety Israel provides financial support and treatment also to children who are being treated by other institutions and organizations.

Children and teenagers benefit from our financial support, regardless of religion, race or gender, in a variety of areas:

Medical treatments: 
Dental and orthodontic procedures, oral and maxillofacial surgery, surgeries and overseas medical procedures.

Paramedical treatments:
Occupational therapy, physiotherapy, speech therapy, therapeutic riding, hydrotherapy, movement therapy, the Lovaas technique and more. 

Professional support:
Nursing assistants, afternoon help.

Wheel chairs, inserts, mobility scooters, bathroom hammocks, toilet seats, mobile bathing units, orthopedic shoes, mobile electric suction, insulin pumps, telescopic spectacles, contact lenses, hearing aids including accessories, corsets, orthoses, standers and support frames, wheelchair lifts, audio output devices and more.

We do not provide assistance in the following areas:
Financial assistance to families, loans, grants, retroactive payments, road casualties, renovations, purchase of home furniture or a car, nonconventional paramedical treatments.

For details, contact our support and assistance department:
Sunday to Thursday, 11:00-13:00
Phone: 03-644-7220
E-mail: ruthie@variety.co.il



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