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About us

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 About us

Variety Israel is a nonprofit organization (NPO) founded in 1967 to help children with special needs in a variety of ways: medical treatments, paramedical treatments (occupational therapy, physiotherapy, therapeutic riding, etc.), professional support, purchase of therapeutic and rehabilitation aids (wheelchairs, inserts, bathing installations, spectacles, hearing aids, etc.).
Variety provides assistance for all types of injuries and illnesses, so long as they are chronic, providing each child with individual, multi-annual assistance.
Variety is headed by the chairman of the board, Advocate Ory Slonim, the president, Udi Angel, and the executive director, Riki Ariel.
"The Heart Committee" handles the requests received at our offices and makes home visits all over Israel. Members of the Heart Committee have a say in the Organization's decisions to provide support.
Tens of thousands of children with special needs, regardless of religion, race or gender, have benefited and continue to benefit from grants towards the cost of assistance and support. The grants are paid directly to the care providers and suppliers.
The people who head Variety Israel are one of the reasons that for its strength, transparency and credibility.






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