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Vision and ethical code

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Our Vision 

To help children with special needs, to make their lives easier and more pleasant, and to accompany them in the process of rehabilitative and social integration in Israeli society.

Our Ethical Code and Values

* Human Dignity - providing assistance while maintaining the 
   confidentiality and privacy of children and families. 

* Responsibility - activities carried out on the basis of involvement, discretion,
   resourcefulness and authority. 

* Service - activities aimed at providing quality service, within a plausible
   period of time, for children and their families, their providers and their therapists. 

* Reliability - impeccable comportment based on the rules of proper
  administration with an obligation to ensure reliability, transparency, integrity,
  and appropriate use of information. 

* Excellence - Variety has taken upon itself to strive for excellence in all its endeavors,
   constantly  aspiring to improve on its previous achievements. 

* Professionalism - the employees, volunteers, and managers of Variety will strive to
  acquire the professional knowledge and skills required for carrying out their jobs. 

* Equality - giving assistance on an equal basis, regardless of religion, race or gender, 
  according to the needs of each child. 

* Partnership - Variety views its contributors and donors as partners in its activities and the help provided. 

* Mission - Variety's employees, volunteers, and managers will maintain a sense of
  mission and will be ready to do everything in their power to help children
  and their families.


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