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 My Heart is with Variety's Children 

'My Heart is with Variety's Children', is an educational program intended to promote values of social responsibility and acceptance of those members of community who are different. Acceptance is promoted by means of an education in schools, youth movements and additional settings. 

Educational Rationale :

One of the goals of Variety Israel is to draw the younger generation closer to Variety's children and expose them to the world of children with special needs.
Fostering the value of giving, acceptance of social responsibility, and acceptance of people who are different by future citizens will help build a society with a contributive and binding ethical code. The "My Heart is with Variety's Children" program makes children into active partners in the giving process while fostering their identification, involvement, and emotional connection with human stories. The involvement of children in the process emphasizes the understanding of the personal story of each child with special needs and building an activity strategy aimed at helping or fulfilling a special need. 

The multiannual program is taught in stages over a period of time :

1. Establishing contact with Variety - variety@variety.co.il.
2. Coordinating a meeting between a Variety representative and a school principal /social coordinator.
3. Variety representatives or student volunteer present the program to a leading forum (the parent committee students council) using materials that are sent to the school.
4. The nature of the activity is decided on.
5. Selecting a variety child.
6. Activities day is being held.
7. Closing the circle.










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